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Turn small talk
into savings!

Finally, there’s more than bad weather and slow elevators to talk to your neighbours about.

Introducing our Refer a
Neighbour incentive program!

We believe that great experiences are meant to be shared, and we want to reward you for spreading the word about Pineapple Net.

Simply tell your neighbours that in a few easy steps, they could be on their way to getting the fastest internet around that’s more reliable and far better value than the nbn!

What you get

One Month FREE
credit per referral*

*sign up 12 neighbours and you could
get your plan FREE for a year!

What your neighbour gets

One Month
FREE Credit

This will be applied as a credit to their active
account on the 7th month after installation.

How it works:

It’s fully automated and easy to get started!

How to share your unique code:


Copy your unique referral code and URL link and send it to your neighbour via email.


Copy your unique referral code and URL link and send it to your neighbour via mobile.

Social Media

Share your unique referral code and URL within your buildings WhatsApp or Facebook group.

Things you need to know

How do I generate my unique referral code?

Simply enter your email address that is connected to your active Pineapple Net account. You’ll need to use the email address that your Pineapple Net invoices are sent to.

Why is my email address not providing me with a unique referral code?

You need to be an active Pineapple Net customer to generate your unique referral code. You’ll also need to ensure you are using the email address that your active Pineapple Net invoices are sent to.

How will I know if my unique referral code has been used?

We will notify you via email once a referee has been accepted by Pineapple Net and their new service has been activated. You will also see a ‘Promotional Credit’ applied to your invoice.

Terms & Conditions

Refer a Neighbour Terms and Conditions:

We operate a refer-a-neighbour program, encouraging customers to refer their neighbour(s) to us for a defined benefit.

Terms and conditions of this program include:

  • The dollar value of the benefit is as promoted on our website at the time of referral.
  • The benefit is in the form of a credit applied against monthly internet fees.
  • The benefit maybe applied to any charges incurred on your account, including your monthly subscription cost or any additional hardware purchases.
  • The promotion cannot be applied retrospectively.
  • The promo code needs to be entered and validated at the time of sale for it to be applied to an account.
  • A referral credit will be successful once your neighbour (ie referee) has been accepted by Pineapple Net and their new service has been activated.
  • A referee reward cannot be used in conjunction with any other Pineapple Net promotions OR offers. If a prospective customer is eligible for a promotion and a Refer-a-neighbour referee reward the prospective customer will be eligible to choose their preferred offer.
  • The benefit cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The benefit cannot be transferred to another person or party.
  • New customers signing up can receive a referral credit or a promotional/discount offer, but not both.
  • This program only applies to residential DGtek Fibre Network services.
  • There is no limit to the number of neighbour’s you can refer.
  • Credit is applied once your neighbour’s service becomes active.
  • You cannot refer yourself for a subsequent account.
  • The person you are referring must be aware of the benefit you receive from using your code.

Pineapple Net reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to remove your access to this program if you breach our fair use policy, or we have otherwise formed the view that you are scamming this program.

Privacy: to participate in this program, existing customers must disclose to their neighbour their unique referral code. Pineapple Net does not provide existing customers with any information about referral neighbours, except for the fact that someone you referred has become a customer and that you will therefore receive a refer-a-neighbour credit.