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Letting Australia know about our revolutionary fibre internet with a brand refresh

Jun 2023

Ambitious, innovative, and unwilling to accept ‘mediocre’, we’re letting Australia know about our revolutionary fibre internet with a brand refresh as refreshing as our internet speeds and price.

Following the roll-out of the NBN, too many Australians have been sold the promise of uncompromised connectivity and instead been asked to accept slow internet speeds and endless, daily annoyances.

Pineapple Net is here to change the game. Powered by DGtek’s advanced, private, fibre optic network, our Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) connection delivers a faster, cheaper and higher-quality internet connection than ever experienced before.

In May, we unveiled a new brand identity that’s as spirited as our speeds. Our fresh face broadcasts our brand values and our focus on the future. As a brand, Pineapple Net is optimistic. Inventive. Daring.

We’re here not to just imagine, but to create the future, providing Australians with internet as it should be. We recognise that our customers’ needs have changed and that we live in a new world of on-demand connectivity. Put simply, we understand that our customers can’t afford to have things go wrong or have their internet hold them back.

As our world becomes increasingly digitised (thanks to our speeds of up to 1000Mbps), our fresh identity has brought us into alignment with our commitment to realise the full potential of the internet and the possibilities it can unlock.

With the redesign now experienced across all brand touchpoints, Pineapple Net is ready to make itself known as Australia’s fastest and most reliable internet provider.

For residents in DGtek connected buildings, Pineapple Net will deliver:

· Highly competitive Internet plans. DGtek owns the fibre network-meaning Pineapple Net do not have to pay the nbn like other internet service providers (ISP’s) such as Telstra and Optus.

· Symmetrical (equal) upload and download speeds-not currently available through any other ISP.

· A range of internet plans starting from as little as $59p/m for 150/150mbps, up to 1G for only $119p/m.

· A range of plans available – for the budget conscious, right through to those who want to go big, we’ve got a Gig!

Now that’s refreshing.

Click here to see if Pineapple Net is available at your address.