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EOFY 2024
Get Australia’s
cheapest 1 Gig plan.

Experience flawless streaming, gaming, and browsing with Australia’s most affordable 1 Gig internet plan.

Get Australia’s
cheapest 1 Gig plan.

Experience flawless streaming, gaming, and browsing with Australia’s most affordable 1 Gig internet plan.

Why Choose
Pineapple Net

Say goodbye to a high internet bill. With Pineapple Net, you can enjoy an affordable plan that fits your budget without sacrificing quality.

Connecting with Pineapple Net is quick and hassle free. Simply check your address below to see if our services are available in your building, and sign up in minutes.

How we compare

*Telstra pricing as of 1 June 2024.

Unmatched speeds, unbeatable prices.

Experience symmetrical speeds that outshine the competition, all while
enjoying prices that won’t break the bank.

Ready to get started? Check your address.

To start, let’s find out if Pineapple Net is available at your address

Enter the BUILDING number only – for example, 1 Freshwater Place, Southbank.
(Your apartment, unit or level number is not required)

*Ultimate Plan price only available to new Pineapple Net customers and is applicable for the first 9 months.
Promo Code EOFY24 must be used and validated at the time of sign up for the discount to apply.
Offer ends 11.59pm 30 June 2024.

^Special offer pricing only available to new customers and available until withdrawn.

Here’s what
our customers
are saying.

Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha
01:54 19 Oct 23
Switched to Pineapple from the Dodgiest Service Provider TPG, for the same price I have getting 3 times the speed.250 symmetrical speed for $69 per month is a steal!!
Steve KSteve K
20:10 18 Sep 23
Without doubt this is the best internet in Melbourne.For gaming it is unbeatable....Fast consistent speeds and 1ms ping! I was previously getting 20ms+.I'd definitely recommend signing up if it's available in your building.
Navi JadorNavi Jador
05:14 14 Sep 23
So glad I made the switch. Our apartment building was FTTB only so highest speeds we got were VDSL with NBN. DGTek had FTTP for us and now enjoying fibre speeds for very impressive pricing.
Sara WSara W
00:54 02 Sep 23
Switched to Pineapple Net about 4 months ago when old provider increased my prices by $20. Now receiving fibre internet and faster speeds for a lower price. Brilliant!
Fang DengFang Deng
04:32 26 Aug 23
Review for Pineapple NetBy Fdeng26/08/2023It’s very important to select a reliable internet service provider (ISP), and we are glad that we have Pineapple Net as our ISP.--- The cost of the Pineapple’s service is quite reasonable. Our contract is straight, and the Pineapple has provided guaranteed service based on the contract such as response/repair time, that has made the Pineapple Net standing out among the numerous ISPs.--- We have a good internet connection, that keeps up with our online activity. So far there haven’t any internet connectivity issues caused by the Pineapple’s service.--- The technical support at the Pineapple is great. In the event of a problem, it’s easy to report the issue, and the technicians have tried very hard to resolve the problem. They really care for their customers.
Mike SkinnerMike Skinner
12:42 20 Jul 23
The advertised up/down speeds match what I experience. Pineapple are a great value ISP with excellent uptime.Edit July 20th 2023: I had a problem connecting to a VPN by IPv4 address and called Pineapple support. I had done the usual steps like rebooting everything and restarting my modem. I was blown away by their response. Everything was resolved in under 3 hours. 💕
09:01 18 Jul 23
Pineapple net is the retail arm of DGTEK that provides the fibre optic internet infrastructure. Have to say very impressive and they r serious competition to the NBN. You get symmetrical high speeds, equal upload and download which is very important for work from home. I hope they continue growing and servicing more suburbs I am sure people will quickly switch to them over the NBN.My only complaint is I found customer service to be not friendly, they should be more friendly with customers and be more flexible, also there are issues with drop outs but the speeds more than make up for it. Hopefully they fix the drop out problems.
Brad NikolicBrad Nikolic
05:48 15 Jan 23
I have been a Pineapple Net customer for close to 1 year and very happy with the service they provide. The switch from my previous provider was easy and the setup was done swiftly by Pineapple Net. Also, great tech support in case problems occur with the service. Highly recommend
Maxine E.Maxine E.
04:30 13 Jan 23
We have been with Pineapple Net for sometime now and have nothing but positive feedback for this company. I have had issues with relocating our network and have found them to be professional, helpful and efficient. We recommend them for your ISP.
TProsic ProsicTTProsic ProsicT
07:31 20 Dec 22
Great company! Very fast internet and very good technical help when you've got a problem. I had one in three years. And it had nothing to do either with their network or the connection. More with how info travels through virtual space. Solved very quickly. The technician actually called me to check if everything was fine. That was a pleasant surprise!
Geoff DayGeoff Day
07:07 20 Dec 22
We have been a customer of Pineapple for a few years. The switch from our previous supplier was very easy and Pineapple worked diligently to change the hardware and get us up and running .We have had an almost trouble free service with quality streaming at great speeds and a very competitive cost. About 30% cheaper than our previous supplier.So much better then what we previously had. The one problem due to a power outage was fixed quickly and with lots of help from Pineapple staff.It was a good decision to switch to them.
Max BMax B
04:30 20 Dec 22
Excellent speeds, great support, local Melbourne ISP. Have been a customer for over two and half years, no issues whatsoever. Highly recommend if you're looking for a non-congested network with reliable uptime.

Our internet isn’t
the only thing that’s
refreshingly fast.

Get connected in
less than 72 hours.*

*During standard business operating hours.

A man in a flannel shirt drinking a cup of coffee looking over some papers next to his laptop

To start saving big on your internet bill make the switch to Pineapple Net today!

Enter your address below to get started!

Enter the BUILDING number only – for example, 256 City Road, Southbank.

(Your apartment, unit or level number is not required)

Frequently asked questions

Does Pineapple use the NBN?

Pineapple Net is powered by the DGtek network, DGtek own and operate their own 100% fibre optic network. This means that from your property, to the data centre, your connection uses 100% fibre connections! No copper, no old phone lines, just fast, reliable fibre optics.

How is Pineapple Net superior to my current service?

Pineapple Net offers:

  • Faster and cheaper than competitors. You pay less for more;
  • No lock on contracts;
  • No installation/connection fees;
  • Symmetrical download/upload speeds which is great for streaming and saving data in the cloud;
  • No downtime/disruptions in peak evening periods;
  • Powered by the DGTek fibre optic network
Is there an installation fee? How many devices can I run on this router? What do I do with my old router?

No connection fees are applied to your account.

You can BYO a router and speak with our tech support team who can assist you with the set up or you can purchase a Pineapple Net supplied router which can be paid for in full or paid over 12 months.

The Pineapple Net supplied router can typically service up to 1000mbps of data which typically equates to at least 20 4k TV’s streaming all at once. You are free to use your old router if you choose or hold onto it for any other purposes you may require it for.

I have never heard of Pineapple Net. How do I know it will still be around in 12 months time?

Pineapple Net has been providing high quality fibre straight to the premises for over 8 years and passes through over 40k homes in Melbourne. We plan to delight customers with a faster and cheaper internet option for many years to come.

Are there residents in this building already connected and using Pineapple Net ?

Yes the secret is out and there are some happy customers already enjoying the benefit of having fibre connected to their home powered by DGtek’s network which is able to provide the fastest and cheapest internet in Melbourne.

Lead times from signing to installation. How long is installation?

As part of our sign up process we can book in an installation 48 hrs in advance on a mutually agreeable date that suits you.

Installation typically takes about 45-60 mins.

I'm on a month-to-month lease. I have less than 12 months left in my lease.

Our contracts are no lock-in, if you do move and you’re still in the DGtek network we can transfer your account.

An aerial photo of Melbourne CBD

Powered by DGtek

DGtek is an infrastructure provider running fibre optics down Melbourne’s streets. We retail their world-class FTTP network, and that’s how our residential speeds are faster and cheaper than all our competitors.

Ready for refreshingly fast internet?

If you’re thinking about joining Pineapple Net but have a few questions first, let us know how we can help.

Give us a call
1300 857 501
Contact us online

    Ready for refreshingly fast internet?

    If you’re thinking about joining Pineapple Net but have a few questions first, let us know how we can help.

    Give us a call
    1300 857 501
    Contact us online